Hurricane Ian Shelter Pets Land in West MI

Twenty-four dogs rescued from Puerto Rico and Florida have made their way to West MI...and they're ready to be adopted!

The dogs were displaced after Hurricanes Fiona and Ian. Animal rescue charity, Wings of Rescue with help from the Bissell Pet Foundation, flew 116 dogs and cats to Chicago and Kalamazoo.

President of Wings of Rescue, Ric Browde, told WOOD TV8,

"It never gets old. That's the payoff. You see these pets and people just fall in love with each other. And you know what the outcome would've been had you not been there. And it just fills you to do another flight as fast as possible."

Most of the animals rescued with this flight were transported to PAWS Chicago, but 24 of them arrived to the SPCA of Southwest MI in Kalamzoo this past Sunday.

Katie Timber, executive director of SPCA of Southwest Michigan, says the pups are all vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/nutered, and evaluated for behavior,

"They're so resilient. They're really inspirational. Like look at this dog [Snowflake], he doesn't have anything. He's so sweet. He's been through a tough plane ride, a hurricane, he's lost his family at least once. And he's just sweet as pie."

Timber says all of the dogs are "healthy and social," and ready for adoption.

More info on the SPCA of Southwest Michigan, here.

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