Eye Dr. Pulls 23 Contacts From Woman's Eye


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If you're someone who occasionally sleeps in their contacts, let this California woman be a lesson!

Dr. Katerina Kurteeva is an ophthalmologist in Newport Beach, CA and recently saw a patient who was having some eye discomfort.

The patient was a woman in her mid-70s who had skipped a couple annual check-ups, but came in with blurry vision and eye pain.

Dr. Kurteeva thought it might be a foreign object in the eye, maybe a broken contact lense, maybe a scratched cornea, possibly an infection, or maybe just a spiky eyelash.

Dr. Kurteeva started to examine the eye,

"To start, I used an anesthetic and a yellow stain to identify any scratches or foriegn bodies. I couldn't see anything on the cornea from the initial examination, so I proceeded to manually pull on the lower and upper lids to see if there was anything in the upper or lower fornix. These are the deep corners of the eye, like little pockets of the eyelid, where things occasionally get stuck."

Dr. Kurteeva told Insider, she could see a couple of contacts stuck to each other. When she started to pull them out she asked her assistant to record! Kurteeva could see a large purple chunk of contact lenses stuck to her eye tucked between the back of her upper lid...

Using a Q-tip Dr. Kurteeva pulled 23 contact lenses from the woman's eye! She said the patient felt relief almost immediately!

Dr. Kurteeva said she begged the patient not to wear contact lenses again, but that she saw her about a month later and she went back to wearing them.

Check out the video of the extraction below:

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