Nikon Photo Contest Produces Haunting Picture of Ant Face

The annual Nikon Small World photo contest has produced some pretty incredible microscopic images this year.

First place went to Grigorii Timin, supervised by Dr. Michel Milinkovitch at the Univeristy of Geneva. The image is an embryonic hand of a Madagascar giant day gecko.

Second place went to Dr. Calen Dawson for an image of breast tissue showing contractile myoepithelial cells wrapped around milk-producing alveoli.

Third place: Dr. Sinem Karaman for an image of blood vessel networks in the intestine of an adult moose.

Some other incredicle images include: asparagas, a wasp stinger, and a technicolor pond dweller.

The most unnerving photo though, by the internet's discretion, the face of an ant. Take a look at the photos below.

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