5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is serving a dual purpose in my world this year!

I do love Spooky Season - SPKY SZN - as you might know if you listen to Matt'n'Aly weekday mornings on B-93.

I'm planning to pass out candy on Monday night at a friend's house. They get way more trick-or-treaters than I do!

There's plenty to do this weekend though if you're looking for a party...I think this Totally 80s Halloween Party at GLC 20 Monroe Live looks pretty festive!

Friday night I'm heading to a Halloween Housewarming party for a couple of friends!

I do love a party - especially one with costumes and a theme! We so rarely get to dress up as adults. Especially as things we like...how many times can you be Ana - or even better, Sven - from Frozen becuase your little one wants to be Elsa with the cool hair and dress??? Exactly.

So here are five costumes - that are relatively easy to pull off - that are adult friendly, but also, I think they're pretty cool!

Beth Dutton + Rip

I love this becuase it's so recognizable! I really don't watch Yellowstone, but I'd recognize this couple anywhere! And you can pull it off with stuff you already have! Ditch the blonde wig - if you're brunette just use some dry shampoo to make your hair lighter! Grab your cowboy boots and fluffy coat (or a skin-tight dress), mess up the hair, roll yourself a paper cigarette, and grab an empty bottle (Beth embibes in all kinds of booze) - and you've got yourself: Beth Dutton. Rip is even easier - jeans, boots, dark jacket, cowboy hat...facial hair optional, but encouraged!

Pam + Tommy

Similar to Beth + Rip this costume is obvious on its own or a couples costume. For Pam: a tight black top, push-up bra optional, big voluminous curls, a pair of black sunnies, and her iconic lip liner + arm tattoo. People will figure it out! For Tommy: white sleeveless shirt, black leather jacket, silver chain, and some very 90s sunglasses - bonus points if you draw on a goatee just like his!

Princess Diana

This one is so easy!!! Got an oversized sweatshirt? You do. Biker shorts? You do. Socks and tennis shoes? You do + you do! The sunnies don't really make or break the costume to me, so leave them out if you want. If you're worried people will think you showed up to the party in your sweats, grab a short blonde wig from Amazon or wear a crown labled "THE PEOPLE'S PRINCESS" - or you could go the route of the Revenge Dress...if you'd rather! Cue the Taylor Swift...

Ted Lasso

Ted! Again, a costume where only a few key pieces really define the look! A sweater, or puffy coat, a collared shirt (or not), but the whistle, the sunglasses, mustache, maybe throw in a white visor if you have it - those are the most important pieces in my mind! You could even bring some biscuits!

The Peaky Blinders

If Kristen and Dax say its cool...I think this one is a little more involved, but this is great for one person or a whole group! Shirt and a tie, dress pants, THE HAT (it makes or breaks it), and a glass of whiskey - Irish of course - and you're a pretty fine Shelby brother.

Happy Halloween - boo!

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