Therapist: How Datable Are They? Look At Their Cereal.

How do you really know if someone is worth your time in dating? One Tik Tok therapist has a pretty unique way of figuring that out: breakfast cereal.

Jeff Guenther is a counselor specializing in marriage and family therapy, and he's going viral for his take on cereal and dating.

@TherapyJeff claims your favorite childhood cereal can reveal how you act in a relationship. It can even help you find the perfect match...or at least someone that might last beyond a few dates.

Here's what your favorite childhood cereals say about how "datable" you are...

TRIX - Chaotic! They have no idea what they want in a relationship. A lot to handle, very unpredictable, exciting, but you flame out pretty fast.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Refined taste and it shows in who you date. You don't mind being a trophy & you want your sweetie to flaunt you! You're showy, but you pull it off.

Rice Krispies - You like to keep it moving! You rush to define the relationship and you're not going to end up with someone who can't meet your needs.

Cap'n Crunch - Relationships take hard work, and you know it! It might take a while for someone to earn your love, but it's worth it with a commitment that will last a lifetime!

Honey Nut Cheerios - Emotionally mature and grounded. You might not be a ton of fun, but you've got a really secure attachment style.

Lucky Charms - You're all about the honeymoon phase! You focus on all the green flags, ignore the red flags, and you're pretty superstitious about signs from the universe about the future of your relationship!

What do you think? Is he pretty spot on?

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