Mattie Jackson Selecman, Alan Jackson's Daughter, Debuts New Podcast

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Mattie Jackson Selecman — author and speaker who is also country legend Alan Jackson’s eldest daughter — is diving into “personal stories and humorous encounters” through her new podcast, In Joy Life with Mattie Jackson. The author and speaker debuted the new show on Tuesday morning (January 31) with the first two episodes.

“Here’s the thing - life is tough and it can leave us feeling pretty broken at times,” Mattie’s faith-based podcast description reads. “But you don’t have to LIVE broken.”

Through In Joy Life, Mattie speaks “with inspiring authors, musicians, and entrepreneurs to uncover how they’re chasing the good in life and why they’re intentionally choosing joy even when life has knocked them down. Through personal stories and humorous encounters, these conversations are like sitting down with life-long friends – friends whose own courage to live joyfully will equip and encourage you to do the same. No matter the hurt you’ve experienced or what unknowns may lie ahead, there IS joy waiting for you - right here, right now. And Mattie is here to help you find it.”

Mattie begins In Joy Life with Annie F. Downs, an author, podcast host and speaker based in Nashville, Tennessee. The duo talk about “loving your life right where you are (even if you don’t like where you are), the joy of dreaming with God and leaning to want well,” and “the spiritual growth and healing power of having fun as adults,” throughout the inaugural episode.

Next, Mattie sits down with power couple and athletes Shawn Johnson and Andrew East, teaming up to discuss: “Conflict isn’t something to race through; it can be a tool to facilitate more honesty, tenderness, generosity, and intimacy in relationships;” “Joy with toddlers (or in any exhausting season) is possible when you embrace the chaos and remember it for what it is – temporary;” and “Don’t be afraid to learn as you go. Don’t rush the process of marriage (and life). Steps 1-4 should come before step 5.”

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