Contestant's Inappropriate Guess Causes Awkward Moment On 'Wheel'

Photo: Wheel Of Fortune/Sony

When it comes to solving a puzzle on Wheel Of Fortune, every contestant is different. Some seem like geniuses with their ability to solve with just one letter on the board, while others don't look as good as they struggle to figure out a puzzle that has nearly every letter up. Then there are the people who make a guess that isn't terrible, but isn't right either. That's what happened on Monday's show, it's just that not only was the guess wrong, it was a bit NSFW too.

This week, Wheel is running a special WWE tournament that sees three regular players teaming up with three pro wrestlers. Towards the end of the show, there was a puzzle in the category "Fun and Games" and the board showed "_ L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ LLS." A contestant named Tracina, along with her partner, two-time WWE champ Drew McIntyre, guessed "Playing With Balls."

Their competition, wrestler Xavier Woods, couldn't hold in his laughter. He and his partner, Mike, were then able to come up with the winning answer, "Playing With Dolls." Host Pat Sajak responded by uttering, "Mercifully, we're done." He approached the pair to congratulate them, telling Xavier, "You're trouble." Shocked, Xavier retorted, "Well what did I do?!"

Wheel posted the clip on their Instagram, captioning it "@dmcintyrewwe come get your girl."

Fans loved the incident, writing things like, "Their reaction had me wheezing," and "The best Wheel of Fortune answer ever given," and, "Playing with balls! lol! What a legend!"

Sadly, aside from the viral moment, Mike and Xavier didn't get much else from the show. They finished in last place, well behind the other contestants.

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