Awesome Sauce: Students Craft Resumes for Long-Term Shelter Dogs

In a heartwarming initiative, students at Polk Middle School in Albuquerque's South Valley have teamed up with the Bernalillo County Animal Care Center to make a difference in the lives of long-term shelter dogs. By combining their artistic talents and heartfelt writing skills, these compassionate young minds have managed to find loving homes for several dogs that were previously overlooked. This remarkable collaboration began last fall and has since touched the hearts of many.

Under the guidance of their passionate teachers, Ms. McCrady and Ms. Arriaga, art and writing students at Polk embarked on a mission to bring attention to hard-to-place shelter dogs. The art students beautifully captured the essence of these lovable canines through their portraits, while the writing students penned heartfelt first-person appeals on behalf of each dog. The powerful combination of visuals and emotions made these works accessible to all shelter visitors, ensuring that the dogs' stories reached the hearts of potential adopters.

This spring, the project took an exciting turn when Mr. Beverly's seventh-grade gifted class created "resumes" for the dogs. These unique profiles highlighted the individual skills and tricks of each canine, showcasing their exceptional qualities that would make them a perfect addition to any family. By emphasizing the dogs' strengths, the resumes provided potential adopters with a deeper understanding of the unique companionship they could offer.

The impact of the students' efforts became evident as six dogs found their 'fur-ever' homes by May 17th. Sherry Mangold, Animal Protection New Mexico Education Director, commended the students for their empathy and concern for shelter dogs, acknowledging that their collective efforts led to the successful adoptions. By allowing these dogs to shine in the spotlight, the students showcased the true potential and loving nature of these often-overlooked animals.

The inspiring collaboration between Polk Middle School students and the Bernalillo County Animal Care Center exemplifies the power of compassion, creativity, and community. Through their artwork, heartfelt appeals, and innovative resumes, these young individuals have helped long-term shelter dogs find the loving homes they deserve. This initiative not only transforms the lives of the dogs but also nurtures a sense of empathy and kindness in the students, leaving an indelible mark on their educational journey. Together, they have proven that small actions can make a significant impact, serving as a shining example of how we can all contribute to creating a better world for animals in need.

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