9-Year-Old Saves His Firefighter Dad's Life

Wilburton, OK - This week, Jim Stone of Wilburton, Oklahoma, celebrated his birthday, but he claims that he wouldn’t even be here today to mark the occasion if it hadn’t been for his nine-year-old son Madden’s life-saving act this past weekend. On Saturday, Stone was remodeling the mud room at their home, cutting a wall with a grinder, when he accidentally caught a nail and the grinder bumped up and cut a three-inch gash in his leg.

Realizing that he was losing a lot of blood quickly, Stone’s firefighting instincts kicked in and he began instructing Madden on what to do to save him. The boy immediately called 911, got a towel to apply pressure to the wound, and elevated his dad’s leg. Then Madden ran a couple hundred yards down to the road to flag down the arriving paramedics.

Within minutes, the ambulance arrived and transported Stone to the emergency room. And now he’s crediting his son with saving his life and he’s calling him a hero. “A little boy’s hero is his dad. His first hero is his dad,” Stone says, “But it’s turned around now. He’s my hero.”

Madden says he wants to volunteer to help others and he thinks when he’s older, he might like to be a firefighter, just like his dad.

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