Carrie Underwood Wrestles With Heartache On Deluxe 'Denim & Rhinestones'

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Carrie Underwood extended her Denim & Rhinestones era with six new tracks on the deluxe edition that arrived on Friday (September 22). The new 18-track album adds to the originally-released project that Underwood shared last year, introducing “Out Of That Truck,” “Give Her That” and other new songs to the collection.

Underwood produced the album with longtime collaborator David Garcia. The powerhouse singer-songwriter said the new additions fit perfectly with the “vibe” of the original Denim & Rhinestones album, which was known for fan-favorite highlights like “Ghost Story,” “Hate My Heart,” “Pink Champagne,” “Crazy Angels” and others.

“I like to think of the extra songs that we added for Denim & Rhinestones, for the Deluxe Edition is just an extension of Denim & Rhinestones as a whole,” Underwood said, per her record label. “I definitely wanted all the songs to fit with the rest of the body of work, but it’s just more. It’s more denim. It’s more rhinestones. I feel like the vibe was so cool and I just enjoyed this era so much that I just wanted to keep it going. So, I definitely feel like the songs fit, and if you liked the OG DNR, you’re gonna like the Deluxe Edition.”

  1. Denim & Rhinestones
  2. Velvet Heartbreak
  3. Ghost Story
  4. Hate My Heart
  5. Burn
  6. Crazy Angels
  7. Faster
  8. Pink Champagne
  9. Wanted Woman
  10. Poor Everybody Else
  11. She Don’t Know
  12. Garden
  13. Out Of That Truck
  14. Give Her That
  15. Drunk And Hungover
  16. Damage
  17. Take Me Out
  18. She Don’t Know (Live From The ‘Denim & Rhinestones Tour’)

“I love the song ‘Denim & Rhinestones,’ first and foremost, but I thought there was just something so cool about the title of it that is very me, that I wanted to name my album Denim & Rhinestones,” Underwood perviously said of the title, per her label. “When you think of Denim & Rhinestones, you think of the staples in your closet, the things that are reliable, the things that are comfortable, that you always feel good in them. Then you think of rhinestones and it’s all the things that sparkle on top, and I feel like that kind of just sums up me. It sums up this album. It’s a little vintage. It’s a little shiny, and it just makes you feel good. So, I felt like that was the perfect title for this album.”

Underwood also explained when she released the original 12-track project that it’s a collection of “‘throwback’ type songs, but they sound so super fresh,” and the album turned out to be “a bigger reflection of me as a person, as an artist,” reflecting the influences of music she listened to growing up.

Underwood announced in June that she would extend Denim & Rhinestones with a deluxe edition. She confirmed the upcoming collection after sharing an exclusive sneak peek with a group of her superfans (the “Care Bears”) at a fan club party at the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. Listen to the new Denim & Rhinestones tracks below, and find the full deluxe album on iHeartRadio here.

“Out Of That Truck”

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