Luke Combs Has Special Message for Caitlyn Clark at WNBA Draft

Michigan v Iowa

Photo: Matthew Holst / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Monday night was a huge night for college hoops legend Caitlyn Clark. After wrapping up her legendary college career, she entered the professional ranks by going #1 in the WNBA draft, taken by the Indiana Fever. But that was only part of the big night for the athlete.

During the draft, the athletes were greeted by a special video presentation. Clark's was from country superstar Luke Combs, who said, "Hey, Luke Combs here, I just wanna say congratulations on being the #1 pick in the WNBA draft. That’s incredible. I know I can speak for everybody all across the United States that we’ve enjoyed watching you these past couple years and we can’t wait to continue to do so. So congratulations, you earned it. Can’t wait to see you out there."

Clark was clearly taken aback, saying "Luke Combs, that’s my favorite artist of all time, that’s pretty cool. He’s a big women’s basketball fan so I appreciate that. That’s amazing, I was not expecting that." 

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