Sip Shine Transforms into Rapid River Beverage Company: Unveils New Venue

Exciting changes are brewing in Grand Rapids! Sip Shine LLC, the beloved local moonshine brand, has announced its transformation into the Rapid River Beverage Company. This evolution marks the beginning of a broader vision that includes a diverse portfolio of spirits, wine, and beer.

Introducing Rapid River Stillhouse

Alongside this transformation, Rapid River Beverage Company is thrilled to introduce the Rapid River Stillhouse. Situated at the bustling corner of Bridge and Stocking in Grand Rapids, the Stillhouse is set to become a vibrant hub for food, drink, and entertainment.

“The Stillhouse is a multi-purpose venue that not only showcases our brand but gives our patrons a new experience each time they visit,” said Dale Kivinen, Experience and Marketing Director for Rapid River Beverage Company. Visitors can look forward to sampling a variety of handcrafted beverages, enjoying southern-style cuisine, catching live shows, and relaxing on the rooftop deck.

A Launchpad for Local Libations

The Rapid River Stillhouse will serve as the exclusive launchpad for the company’s new line of locally-produced spirits, wine, and beer. Initially available only at the Stillhouse, these beverages are expected to expand their reach across Michigan in the near future.

While Sip Shine will remain a key player in Rapid River's portfolio, it will continue to be offered through their national distribution network rather than at the Stillhouse.

A Vision Rooted in Community

"We are beyond excited to announce what we have been working on over the past year," said Nick Rice, CEO of Rapid River Beverage Company. This new venture pays homage to Grand Rapids and the Grand River, reflecting the company’s desire to create something special for the community and do more than just moonshine.

The Rapid River Stillhouse is set to welcome guests later this year, with an opening date to be announced soon. Applications are now being accepted for positions at the restaurant.

About Rapid River Beverage Company

Rapid River Beverage Company is dedicated to crafting high-quality spirits, wine, beer, and craft cocktails. Born from the success of Sip Shine, the company aims to expand its offerings and provide unique culinary and beverage experiences to the Grand Rapids community and beyond.

For more details and updates, visit or

Stay tuned, Grand Rapids—exciting times are ahead!

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