Awesome Sauce: Huge Art Donation Serves Entire School

Cheryl Halston of Rocklin, California, made a big decision to downsize her home earlier this year – and started figuring out what to do with all her extra stuff.

As an artist, Cheryl had lots and lots of supplies – and wanted them to go to a good cause.

So, she donated more than 700 items, mostly new and worth more than $5000, to Paradise High School.

There are canvases, frames, framing supplies, drawing tools, paints, brushes, and liquid fabric dyes – among many, many other items.

“My van was loaded from front to back and top to bottom,” Cheryl said.

Cheryl said she wanted the students at Paradise High to get a boost from art, just as she has her entire life. As Cheryl explained, “It's so important for students to experience the accomplishment of making something and the self-esteem that comes along with that. Art fuels passion and that passion in turn creates compassion in students. We are a better world where art exists and compassion is abundant.”

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