8 Country Guitarists That Can Shred And Will Melt Your Face

Over the years,Cody Alan has spent numerous hours in studios, on the road and on the stage alongside country music's finest musicians. In celebration of National Electric Guitar Day, here is a list of some notable virtuosos that he has witnessed actually melt faces.  

From bedrooms to basement dive bars, guitarists have been perfecting their lightning-fast riffs since the creation of the electric guitar. Which, by the way, was invented in 1931 but didn’t actually gain popularity until the 1950s. Reverb, distortion, and overdriving guitar licks cannot be confined to one genre. Its true, shredding is enjoyed by all. 

Here’s a list of 7 quintessential country guitar heroes who have spent years refining their techniques, mastering essential scales, and perfecting their picking chops enough to make even the greatest rock & roll shredders dizzy.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images. 

Keith Urban- Strings so hot that fans help fan the fire. 

Brad Paisley - "Yee Haw" is code for "Watch This!"

Vince Gill- Golden voice playing nickel-plated steel. 

Steve Wariner - Finger-pickin' good. 

Brothers Osborne - Rippin' good time. 

Lindsay Ell- Though she be but little,she is fierce.

Hunter Hayes- Shred Feelz. 

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