Justin Moore Says ‘We Didn’t Have Much’

Justin Moore appreciates simpler times with his latest release, “We Didn’t Have Much.”

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Justin revealed how a conversation with Tracy Lawrence set the stage for the singer to reminisce over Tonka trucks, G.I. Joe, NASCAR races, and Sundays framed by chicken dinners.

“I do like this song,” says Cody.

“Thank you. You say that like you are surprised? Actually, you said it like this. “I, actually, shockingly, DO like this song.” laughs Justin.

“Listen, I am a fan,” Cody teases.

“Thank you. I think,” Justin snickers. “I am with you. I actually like this song. I didn’t write this song, which is somewhat rare for me.”

“I heard it last year, when we were all dealing with living in a different world than we have all lived in previously. You know? I was talking to Tracy Lawrence. We were on tour together at the time. I guess it was a couple of months into the pandemic, and he goes, “Man, we have kind of been forced into this simple way of life. It sounds like ‘Little House On The Prairie’ or something. We actually are going over and borrowing eggs from our neighbors, really old school kind of stuff.”

“I thought kind of the same for us, and I heard this song, and my interpretation of this song was it kind of painted a picture of the beauty and that simplicity,” Justin shared.

“We Didn’t Have Much” is Justin’s first release from his upcoming album due in 2021.

You can hear Justin and Cody’s full conversation by clicking HERE. Catch Tracy Lawrence as he drops in with Cody Alan on the CMT Radio on Monday, February 22, by finding your station at www.CMTCody.com.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.