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Freaky Black-Eyed, Blonde Woman's Mugshot Goes VIRAL!

Black-eyed, blonde woman's mugshot gains attention from social media following armed robbery charges

By Houston Chronicle's Heather Leighton

A  woman's black-eyed, blonde-haired mugshot, with elaborate face tattoos,  has gained social media's attention online with many describing her as  "creepy" and "possessed."

Morgan Joyce Varn, 24, was arrested  along with Jonathan Mikael Robinson, 23, after a SWAT situation  concluded at a townhome in South Carolina. She and Robinson allegedly  robbed a 25-year-old man of his cellphone and cash on Monday, April 24,  2017.

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Woman Gets Caught With a Marijuana Pipe and Blames It on Her Stepdaughter

Stepmother-stepdaughter  relationships are generally about as shaky as any relationship can be .  . . so it's tough to make one even shakier.  But this woman found a  way.  Impressive.

A 55-year-old woman named Trudy Kay Richardson  from St. Petersburg, Florida was in the passenger seat of her  stepdaughter's car on Saturday night when they got pulled over . . . and  the cop spotted a marijuana pipe in Trudy's hand.

Trudy quickly tried to hide it by shoving it into her LADY PARTS, but the cop saw.

And  when he confronted her, Trudy admitted, quote, "I put it in my  [Presidential-approved slang term for a cat]."  Why'd she put it there?   She said it was her stepdaughter's and Trudy was hiding it for her.

Only that was a lie.  Trudy was falsely accusing her stepdaughter, and it really belonged to her.

She  was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting an  officer without violence.  Her stepdaughter wasn't arrested. 

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