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POLICE BLOTTER: Woman Kicks Out Boyfriends Windshield, Cook Chokes Coworker for Talking about 'Sausage' + More

Woman Prays For Guidance on How to Get Revenge on Her Boyfriend . . . and Winds Up Kicking in His Windshield

There's  a 24-year-old woman named Barbara Emily Lowery in Cullman, Alabama and  she recently found out her boyfriend was cheating on her.  Well . . .  sort of.  Apparently, she thought he was her boyfriend but he didn't  realize that.

But that minor technicality wasn't slowing down  Barbara, she wanted revenge for him getting-it-on with other women.  So,  she says, quote, "I prayed about it and stuff" as she looked for  guidance on what to do.

And I'm not sure who she prayed to, but apparently, the answer she got was to trash his car.

So  on Monday morning, she went to his work, jumped onto the hood of his  Volvo, and kicked in the windshield.  Someone saw her and took a video  of the entire thing. 

Barbara was arrested for disorderly conduct. 


Cook Thinks His Girlfriend's Conversation With a Coworker About "Sausage" Is Sexual . . . and Chokes the Guy

28-year-old  Eddie Maldonado works as a prep cook at a Carrabba's Italian Grill in  St. Augustine, Florida.  His 28-year-old girlfriend Nancy Miranda also  works there.

Well, last week, he walked in on Nancy and another  employee talking about sausage.  That seems like a fairly normal  conversation to have at an Italian restaurant, but Eddie didn't think so  he thought it was a sexual metaphor.

So he wound up choking the guy who was talking to his girlfriend about sausage.

The guy bit his arm and got him to loosen his grip, and then other employees broke it up.

And Eddie was arrested for felony battery. 

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Man Has Sex With a Woman After a Date . . . Then Steals Her Gaming Consoles

A  23-year-old guy named Kareem Mutcherson from Gainesville, Florida went  on a date on Sunday night with a woman he met on the dating site Plenty  of Fish.  And apparently, it went well, because he went back to her  house and they had sex.

Then he left . . . but he came back  shortly after that to rob the place.  He pulled out a gun and stole  three video game consoles from the living room.  He also pistol-whipped a  68-year-old guy who lives in the house when the guy tried to stop him. 

The woman called the cops and gave them Kareem's name because, yeah, he'd used his real name on the dating site.

When the cops questioned him, he said the woman was his, quote, "side girlfriend," and he called her the wrong name twice. 

He was charged with robbery with a firearm and aggravated battery on a person over 65. 

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