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Conrad's Redneck News Of The Day

Shoplifter Has Car Stolen

Hold on... let's see if you can guess what state this story is from. Wait for it... wait for it.... Florida! Jesus... what is wrong down there? This time it's Savannah Lee Matthews who was doing some shopping at Walmart when she called the cops because her car was stolen. When the cops showed up they discovered that she had been SHOPLIFTING. And as they searched her they found a pipe and a joint in her purse which she said could not have been hers because she, "hadn't even smoked pot since the day before!" Bad day. Car stolen AND arrested.

San Fran Dumpster Sex 

A couple in San Francisco was seen having good-time morning sex in a dumpster. When they were done they decided just to chil there and light up a cig on top of some flammable material. You know, mostly trash but some of that material also happened to be meth. Guess what they got busted for. More HERE

High on Duster, Crashes Cars

Today's story comes to us from Altoona Pennsylvania. (Altoona? That sounds like a cartoon about the station) 26-year-old Heather Clatterbaugh was arrested after she crashed her car into another when she was high on duster ...that stuff you use to blow dirt around your keyboard. Funny part, when the cops were getting her out of the car, she was huffing MORE duster with her 2 kids in the car!Believe it or not, this is not her first run in with the law. She already had her license suspended for a similar accident. More HERE

Hog Hunting Leads to Child Neglect 

Another one from Florida! This time in New Port Richey... damn. I've never even heard of old Port Richey. Police found a 9-year-old boy and an 8-month-old girl alone in a car which wasn't running. The cops were wondering where they parents were and when they finally tracked down the mother, after an HOUR!, she told them she was out hunting hogs. If that's not rednecky, I don't know what is. More HERE

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