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PICS: Real-Life Gingerbread House in Salt Lake City

Have you ever wondered what an interior decorator's house looks like all dressed up for the holidays?

I imagine each room overflowing with bright green garland, shimmery twinkle lights, candles galore, and the smell of fresh baked cookies permeating every square foot.

Something a little like this:

Or this:

See what I'm getting at here?

So when an interior designer marries an artist and they both have a love for holiday decorating, I had big expectations - and I am not disappointed!

Salt Lake City interior decorator, Virginia Hoffman, and her artist-husband, and even a grandkid or two, have brought our gingerbread house dreams to life!

"It's all homemade, and it's all been kind of "figure it out as you go," Hoffman said.

It's a red brick Tudor - dreamy - almost a century old, and really has the bones of a gingerbread house without any holiday help from the Hoffman family.

"I told my family about it and luckily they didn't think I was crazy. And so we painted these gumballs in the kitchen over Thanksgiving 2019, and then my daughter and son-in-law helped me figure out how to attach them to the house," Hoffman said.

And then came one treat after another that would take hundreds of hours, but would eventually adorn the "life-sized gingerbread house"!

Virginia's house was a marvel of holiday delight for onlookers and passersby, but didn't reach internet notoriety until her daughter put pictures up on Reddit.

Check the photos out here:

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