Three Things You Should Know: Thur June 20, 2024

It's Thursday June 20, 2024, here are Three Things You Should Know Today:

- An overpass in Pierson Twp appears to be crumbling – US-131 at Kendaville Rd. In pictures online you can see a hole in the road where you can see right through it. MDOT's website says it was built in 1971 and inspected last year. The condition listed says “fair” – more like fairly see through. Emergency repairs should be made today.

-Louisiana became the first state in the US to require classrooms have the Ten Commandments in them. The posters must be placed in classrooms by the start of 2025 and must be paid for by donations. Civil rights groups have spoken out against this saying they will challenge with lawsuits.

-90s country icon Mark Chestnutt underwent emergency heart surgery over the weekend - a quadruple bypass. In a post on Instagram he confirmed, and cancelled upcoming shows. He’s been dealing with a series of health issues in recent years: including back surgery and something unspecified that left him in critical condition last year.

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