In the Feels: 8 Year Old Starts A Business Plan To Help His Family

In Los Angeles, 8-year-old Aaron Moreno made a big impact on the life of his family members by starting a business -- that has allowed them all to move from a shed into an apartment.

When all this coronavirus stuff started, Aaron's family was struggling. So, Aaron started his own business, calling it Aaron's Garden. He raised money to start the business with a GoFundMe campaign -- and then started selling plants.

It didn't take long for his business to take off.

Thanks to his hard work, Aaron has made enough money to move his family into a nice apartment -- and even buy his mom a car, the first car she's owned in four years.

Even though Aaron has enjoyed big success, he says he’s not done. Now that they’re no longer living in a shed, Aaron plans to set aside space in their new garage to keep building his business.